Arabica – Coffees that are grown in higher altitudes and have more complex aromas and flavours than Robustas.

Robusta – The lower quality, higher caffeine version of Arabica, accounts for 40% of coffee production worldwide and is used in the mass market for the production of instant coffee as well as espresso blends.

Single Origin – A coffee coming from a single region.

Blend – A mix of varieties and/or origins, usually aiming to bring out certain notes from the different coffees to produce a balanced cup overall.

Process – The method of treating the coffee post harvest. This includes all stages between harvest and preparation for export.

Natural – A processing method that involves drying the coffee cherry as opposed to separating the bean from the pulp post harvest.

Washed – A processing method that involved depulping the cherry (usually done with a depulping machine) and washing the beans before drying them.

Honey – aka the in between method; The best of both worlds, a processing method that involves leaving part of the pulp attached to the bean.

Flat White – The Aussies’ gift to the rest of the world. A double espresso shot topped with silk textured milk. Taller than a macchiato but shorter than a cappuccino, perfect if you like your coffee nice and frothy, but still want to be able to distinguish its flavour notes.

Cupping – the process of tasting coffee (through slurping) and determining its flavour notes and aromas that result post roasting. A sensorial experience that is a must for refining your palate. PS: don’t be afraid to slurp with confidence, the louder the better 😉

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