Maastricht is one of those cities I could always go back to without the slightest amount of hesitation. I was there on my spring break visiting my bestie and as we were strolling around, we ended up visiting every café that we walked past and getting over caffeinated. In retrospect, that day was an essential milestone in my personal coffee journey and many other city guides followed. During my second visit, I had the luxury to give my taste buds a second chance to refresh their memory. Oh, and this time me and my bestie got to have a little girl’s getaway to Utrecht so adding that to my collection of Dutch guides as well.



Wij Maken Koffie

@wijmakenkoffie | Maastrichter Heidenstraat 6211 HV

This is hands down one of my favorite specialty spots in Maastricht. What I love about this space is undoubtedly its multifunctional nature. Dutch design is so hard to compete with. Try making a café-clothing shop hybrid seem as cool, but minimal and uncluttered at the same time. I love that there’s a mix of lap too friendly and “no laptop” tables, as well as a very nice communal one. From what I see they’ve done some rearrangements lately and I’m dying to go back to check it out. What hasn’t changed is the beautifully customized Kees Van der Westen espresso machine that adorns the counter.

Alley Cat

@alleycatbc | Hoenderstraat 15-17, 6211 EL

Another hybrid that features a bike shop that blends so naturally with the caffeinated space. It’s not hard to get the “this is a proper coffee zone” vibe as soon as you step in. With a variety of filters and espressos that change constantly, you’d never run out of options here. Oh, and if you’re looking to up your coffee game, they have a nice collection of gear. You know where to find it, look for the shelf full of coffee bags, fancy swan neck kettles and pour overs. The second time I came here I discovered “Standart”, my absolute favourite coffee magazine, which I shall sooner or later definitely write an article about.

Broth Bar

@brothbar_maastricht | Hoogbrugstraat 43a, 6221 CP

photo credit: @bijzonderplekje


I still remember the moment my eyes crossed the little sign amid all the scaffolding covering the building. This is no specialty coffee shop. As the name might suggest it’s a broth lover’s heaven. Their menu features a wide range of healthy (but also very yummy) breakfast and lunch options. Just bear in mind the portions are slightly smaller than average, so maybe not the best spot for when your stomach it protesting. It’s the perfect spot to reset your palate and wind you down if you’ve been having a little too much caffeine for the day. We came here for lunch and found a wide range of homemade Kombuchas: Pear and cinnamon, Hibiscus, and what might probably be one of the best inventions of the decade, the “kofucha”. A balanced and delicious combo of my two favourite things: coffee and Kombucha.

Columbia Supremo

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